Thursday, March 22, 2012

Segovia and Spring Snow

Saw some beautiful places in Spain this past weekend. Also, our hotel was next to a pastry shop so we made a promise that every time we walked by we would buy a sweet. I think we ended up eating a total of 12+ different pastries in the span of 3 days. And I'm not even guilty about it and my pants aren't any tighter because we walked A LOT. 

Favorite pic of the Segovia Cathedral at night.
(yes that's little me)

And our hotel was great! It had an Arabic spa that we enjoyed to the fullest.

And after this adventurous and relaxing weekend, 
spring welcomed us home to Toledo with this:

Playground at the school I teach at.

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SweetPepperRose said...

You know me, I'd be in BIG trouble with all those pastries! Snow? I have a feeling this warm snap is fooling everybody around here, even the plants! Love you!