Friday, March 30, 2012

Asians and Asymmetric Feelings

One of my favorite things about living in Toledo is ALL the Asians that flock to tour the old city. They come in troves with their petite bodies, over-sized sunhats, and smiling faces. The first thing that always catches my attention about this group of people is that Asian girls have got mad fashion skills. Like, I don't know how they pull of what they wear because it's always a weird combo of things, but they always look so darn cute. I know I'm overstating things a bit, but if I were to have to define 'cute' in Webster's dictionary I would paste a picture of a typical Asian girl walking the streets of Toledo. I'm that serious. 

Group of cute Asians.

But now I enjoy this group of people for more reasons than fashion. Jorge and I have noticed that the Asians that venture to Toledo are funny to watch and interact with. They walk around snapping pictures of everything with a big dreamy smile on their face. And their movements are quick and exaggerated as if they're acting in a silent comedy film. I personally like being near them when they're walking around in their tourist groups because I LOVE when they ask me to take their pictures. They throw up the peace signs (is that what it means to them?) and do a bent knees/slightly squatted if they're not already short enough.  And usually they fall in love with me a little bit too and we take a picture together. GOSH, can I just put all of them in my pocket to keep me happy forever? Like Polly Pocket style?

* * * * * *

On a different note, the fact that Toledo's cathedral is asymmetrical bugs me. 

Why is bugs me I haven't quite figured out. Heck, I own and wear asymmetrical dresses all the time. 

New Years Eve Dec. 31, 2011

I just wish the short tower was a tall tower, that's all. Someone told me that the reason why the two towers are different is because during the course of the 200 years that it took to build the cathedral, tower fashion changed.  So tall went out and short came in. Or at least that's how I translate the story. I should probably be using words like Gothic and Barroc. But I'm not, sorry!

* * * * * * * 

Don't be fooled, the grass isn't real. 
(And dogs still use it as a bathroom...)