Monday, February 13, 2012


For Christmas (yes I realize it's Valentine's and I'm posting about Christmas) everyone got together for a big dinner for an opportunity to celebrate the holidays as nicely dressed human beings and not as stressed-out teachers. I was the only one who ordered the vegetarian menu thus seeming more foreign to everyone, including myself. But the pumpkin soup was awesome and the tofu hamburger surprisingly tasty.

And now to introduce you to some workmates... 

This is fellow workmate (that's British for co-worker) Julia. Normally when we're together we're dressed in gym attire and freezing our butts off outside because yes, you've guessed it, we're P.E. teachers.

These are two other English professors.
(Yes I'm always the whitest one.)

And this is fellow workmate and good friend Ana. She's also an English teacher and once lived in Texas and Washington D.C. She gives me lifts to and from school and sometimes we swap recipes and food. :)

And lastly, the principal. He's not scary like most principals are. In fact upon my first visit to the school this past summer he kept singing Ray Charles 'Georgia On My Mind'. 

And these aren't workmates, but they are ducks Jorge and I see lots of days as we're getting into the car on our way to work. They're just super spoiled ducks always asking for food. I think Jorge gave them garlic bread one day and they turned their noses up.

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SweetPepperRose said...

It's always good to have buds at work! You'll have to record the Ga on My Mind so I can hear it ;)