Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

So in Spain Valentine's Day is no big deal/doesn't exist. Now as much as I dislike how America brings to life a holiday 3-4 months before it happens. (bringing out Valentine's gifts/decor immediately after Christmas is over for example) it's sad that none of the stores here have any Valentine's Day items. That's right. No cute teddy bears. No big heart balloons. Some stores are catching on, but it's pathetic! Anyway that didn't stop Jorge and I from having a special day. 

We're both super sappy and romantic everyday anyway so Valentine's Day is a piece of cake.

So this is a heart I painted for Jorge. It says "I love you a lot my love!" AND it's also me being super surprised that he got me toothpaste for Valentine's Day. You see, we're buying only ecological products these days and I've been looking for natural toothpaste for a couple of months now. Being the thoughtful sweetheart that he is, he finally found some and ta-da! It's definitely an unforgettable present.

Dinner at an Egyptian restaurant. They have an outstanding vegetarian menu.

And the surprise Valentine's cake was the best! It also came with a single white rose, but white roses are not photogenic. We also planned to watch Romeo and Juliet (Yes the one with Leonardo DiCaprio) because it's romantic, a classic, and Jorge had never seen it. But we stayed late at the restaurant last night talking and laughing (until 11:30 pm) so we're watching it tonight!


SweetPepperRose said...

Wow no heart stuff anywhere? No special chocolates? No Conversation Heart Candy? Glad to see you have inherited by crafty abilities! Love your heart. I'm sure the heart strawberry cake was great! Love you!

Mrs. H said...

So sweet!
I love that cake, it looks delish!!
Did Jorge make it?

stephdanahutch said...

He didn't make it. It came from the town's best pastry shop. you would love it.