Saturday, April 7, 2012

Semana Santa (Holy Week) and Paris for Easter!

So I'm in my boyfriend's hometown (Almagro, Spain) to celebrate Easter. And no, there are no Easter bunnies or chocolate eggs involved. (Much to my dismay.) Semana Santa consists of a lot of parades depicting the days leading up to the capturing and crucifying  of Jesus Christ. It's all really beautiful but it also goes on day in and day out and even at night. For one week straight. After day one, I'm done. I blame that on either my short attention span, my need for constant  variety or the nasty, cold weather. Or just all three of those things together. Anyway, here are some pics of the 'floats'.

Night parade. This is Jesus being captured by the Romans. And no this is not the kkk.

This is Mary crying after the capturing of her son Jesus.



* * * * *

Also, I'm headed to Paris tomorrow to meet up with good friend Heather Buskard! Here's a link to her very French blog:

Paris here I come! Treat me well.

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